ArmstrongFlooring stands as a distinguished enterprise with a global vision and a profound commitment to business advancement. Its journey began in 1860, Pennsylvania, USA, and boasts a storied legacy spanning over 160 years.

Having ventured into Asia during the 20th century, ArmstrongFlooring has since dedicated over four decades to serving the Chinese market. Presently, its expansive business distribution network spans across Asia and numerous countries and regions. It presents an extensive array of offerings within diverse categories, encompassing SHEET, TILE, CARPET TILE, RUBBER, and WALL-COVERING materials.

The company's modern and high-quality production hub in Suzhou exemplifies its commitment to excellence. It diligently supplies top-tier, eco-friendly products and specialized services to both the Chinese and Asia-Pacific markets, as well as the global stage.

Armstrongflooring's deep-seated involvement within sectors such as healthcare, senior living, education, office environments, pharmacy, hospitality, and transportation exemplifies its versatility and prowess. This enterprise is resolute in furthering its presence within commercial sectors, all the while enriching its clientele's experience with comprehensive floor and wall integration solutions.

The commitment of ArmstrongFlooring Asia extends beyond its products, encompassing a dedication to enhancing product quality and sustainability. The organization remains at the forefront of waste management within the resilient flooring industry, a testament to its enduring environmental consciousness. The ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certifications achieved by Armstrong China manufactories underline a profound respect for both our planet and people.

Armstrongflooring Asia's resolute stance on product compliance finds a particularly poignant expression when it comes to human health and well-being. The organization's ethos underscores that the foundation of responsible and sustainable products lies in respect for individuals and the environment. Notably, our products are distinguished by their attainment of esteemed certifications such as floorscore, LEED, WELL, and reddot. Each of these accolades reflects an ongoing commitment to refining environmental and safety attributes, empowering our clientele to shape spaces that are resource-efficient, secure, and conducive to well-being.

VISION:To build upon establish ourselves as a global leader in decorative materials. ensuring the incorporation of Armstrong's flooring products in every building.


EMPLOYEE:Promote the physical and mental well-being of our employees.
CUSTOMER:Let the buyer have faith.
RESIDENTIAL SPACE:Deliver innovative solutions for residential spaces.
ENVIRONMENT:Embrace environmentally sustalnable practices.